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Hola! My name is Sister. (By the way, that isn't my real name, just what I go by.) I've joined the LiveJournal family because of my two childish friends (the evil demonic_sisters by the way) who don't know when to stop bugging me. *sigh* I should have just of kept ignoring them. Silly friends. I've known Del and Shel all my life, well most of it, and they know where I live. *cries* Jeez, it really would have been easier said then done!

Anyways, they managed to talk me into this thing by telling me about how some LJ communities have RPG's. (Usually, you use to be able to find me and Del beating the crap out of some poor character on some RPG. We'll never look at FF:Crystal Chronicles the same way...) I thought that was a fun idea and reason enough to join. I'm glad I did it too when I found the other communities devoted to fanfiction based off Anime & Manga. And the video game communities! LOL It's great to know that there are other fan-girls out there besides me. *hugs herself*

So, I hope to make a lot of friends. And I hope to join a few RP communities. Hopefully, of different games and such, yeah? *winks* See ya later!

P.S. Did I mention I'm a real big Kingdom Hearts fan? Yeah, it's really bad too. Does anyone else memorize the main songs from the games?!

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